Why Professional Headshots Can Be Costly

(and Why They’re Worth It)

Photos by Yvonne. Michigan Photographer.
Photos by Yvonne. Michigan Photographer.
Photos by Yvonne. Michigan Photographer.

If this is the first time you’re considering professional headshots, you might be shocked by the price tag. Before you decide that booking a session isn’t right for you, here is what you should consider about headshot pricing.

  • Experience Requires Time and Money

Experienced headshot photographers have spent years honing their skills, which is why they can produce the professional and creative images they do. Headshots aren’t just profile photos either – they need to look professional and tell a story too. 

Professional photographers also need the right equipment to assist clients. From cameras and lenses to reflectors and flashes, there is a lot of equipment that comes in handy for these types of sessions. Not only is the initial purchase costly, but there are repairs, maintenance, and insurance costs to account for too.

  • Commuting is Sometimes Required

Very often, photographers will need to travel to a specific location for a shoot, which also costs money. Most headshot photography costs include travel, which can drive up the total price. Something else that many people forget to consider is the time it takes a photographer to set everything up and answer any questions you might have. 

  • Retouching Takes Time

Impressed with the headshots you’ve seen in a photographer’s portfolio? They didn’t get that way naturally. Some retouching is always required after a photo session, which requires time and effort. Photographers take this time into consideration too when building a quotation.

If you are serious about your personal brand, headshot sessions are a worthwhile investment. What’s more, you only need to update your headshots every 2 – 3 years. And if your budget is tight, there is always the option of scheduling a mini headshot session – you do end up with fewer photos, but the results are still fantastic and won’t cost as much.