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I had the pleasure to worth with Lia at Asherah’s Garden in Bowling Green, Ohio. She is the owner of Ashereah’s Garden and she created Crystal Grids using healing stones she had on hand. I came in with colored paper, my knowledge of light & composition and my camera and we both went to work. I LOVE collaborating with other businesses to create a special project that benefits us both. Check out the images with the stone & energy descriptions:



Stones: Quartz (sphere), selenite (wand), pink girasol (tumbled), quartz (lens), amethyst (tumbled), angelite (tumbled), hematite (tumbled), blue apatite (button palm stone), copper (small polished), angel aura quartz (tumbled)

Energy: Balancing the elements. Pulling down the energies most needed on Earth at this time. Enhancing the KNOWING of peace and loving kindness (as understood in the celestial realms).

Crystal Grids at Asherah's Garden




Stones: Lavender rose quartz (heart), lavender rose quartz (obelisk), white opal (tumbled), peach moonstone (tumbled), copper (sphere), selenite (stick), Rose quartz (lens), peridot (tumbled), quartz (small faceted sphere), Rose quartz (tumbled), angle aura quartz (tumbled), jade (tumbled)

Energy: shower of sacred feminine, self love, compassion. Healing the “soul” of our humanity. Standing in our true purpose as givers of unconditional “Agape” love.

Crystal Grids at Asherah's Garden




Stones: Bumble bee jasper (polished slice), natural citrine (polished point), pyrite (hand polished nuggets), yellow optical calcite (tumbled), citrine points (raw)
Energy: Rooted self confidence. Energizing solar plexus. Cleansing away self doubt. Standing firmly in our power.

grid of crystals




Stones: natural blue agate (polished slice), blue goldstone (tumbled), celestite (tumbled), turquoise (raw), Ibis jasper (polished buttons), Pink calcite (tumbled), Fluorite (raw octahedrons)
Energy: Communication between the Earth and Ether. Balance of heart and intuition.

Agate Crystal made into a Grid




Stones: Mystic merlinite (sphere), carnelian (raw), yellow optical calcite (tumbled), variscite (tumbled), jade (tumbled), indigo kyanite (raw blades), ruby in fushcite and kyanite (polished), titanium quartz (points), star amethyst (polished cabochons)
Energy: Charkra balancing and energizing

Crystal Mystic merlinite grid




Stones: Raspberry amethyst (slice), quartz (raw point), peridot (tumbled), Blue apatite (polished button), jade (tumbled), quartz (double terminated polished point), citrine (raw point), green opal (polished button)
Energy: From Ether to Heart. Moving through the energies of Knowing, Realizing, and Doing yours Heart’s purpose. Making your heart’s true purpose your life’s mission.

Raspberry amethyst made in a crystal grid


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