Senior Photography

Senior pictures are a great way to capture the good times of high school. Times change and there’s no better way to remember these days than with “Senior pics”! Some people know exactly “the look” they’re going for while others look for some guidance. In your Senior Photography session, the best way to go is to just Be Yourself!

This is your chance to really express yourself. In other words, for “you” to be “You!”  And we can help you express yourself so that your senior year photos will be all that you hope for and you’ll love to look at years later to remember all that’s happening today!


Temperance Senior Photos

Your High School Senior Pictures

Give us some ideas of your taste, your style and we’ll help you create that PERFECT effect!

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Fun
  • Serious
  • What’s your favorite hobby

We have plenty of experience with finding the right mood, the right setting and expression! This is why we suggest having some time to pull some ideas together so that your senior pictures come out perfect! Also, you don’t want to be rushed; so give yourself plenty of time.

Check out a list of high schools in Southeast Michigan.

Contact us today and let’s schedule a time to talk and pull this together and make it the best Senior project you could ever imagine! “Senior Pictures”…it’s that time!

And be sure to check out some of the pics in our Senior Photos portfolio.


We are currently running this special for 2019 Seniors


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