Nick is a Senior at Monroe High School | Photos by Yvonne

Senior Photos
Monroe High School Senior Pictures

As a Senior at Monroe High School, Nick had his Senior Photo Shoot at the scenic Luna Pier Beach in Michigan. Nick is living his best life; he’s a member of the Track Team, he has gotten a job to work for what he wants, and even better – he’s got his drivers license, his own money and car. The 3 things that give Nick the most energy are catching up with friends, letting music fill him up, and running. His favorite artist is Elton John and nothing beats the joy of sitting down to watch an episode of Trailer Park Boys with his buddies. Nick hopes to take more chances while getting out often and continue to appreciate all that this world has granted him – from a drivers license to friends and a car! Nick hopes to get involved in the community more and work his hardest to make a difference. He also aspires to be an entrepreneur and help make the world a better place. As for now, Nick is looking forward to graduation and starting the next chapter of his life.

Nick is excited about the future because he knows anything is possible if he puts in enough hard work and dedication. With that mindset, Nick looks forward to creating amazing memories with friends, making more money to support himself, working on projects that will help people, traveling, exploring new cultures, and overall living life to its fullest potential. Life should never be taken for granted – it’s there for us all; we just have to reach out out and grab hold of it. Nick believes that if you never stop working hard, anything is possible.

Nick’s motto to live by is “Dream big and take action.” He lives life with this mindset, always pushing himself to strive for the best and do his best in everything he does. With determination and dedication, he knows that the sky’s the limit! He looks forward to achieving all of his goals and making sure he has a memorable journey along the way. Nick can’t wait for what lies ahead and is ready to start shaping his future! After all – it’s up to us as individuals to create our own unique paths. If we don’t take risks or push ourselves out of our comfort zones, we would never know how far we could go.

Senior Photos
high school senior pictures