Need to Shed before the Wedding?

Okay, I admit it I have a personal trainer! Her name is Maria McKeand and she is awesome because doesn’t hurt me during a workout (and laughs). Seriously, she cares about how I am feeling during my workouts and she pushes me further than I would normally push myself and without judgement. The really cool part is that I’m in not pain the next day or the day after BUT I do feel like I had a great workout!!! Another cool part of having Maria as a Personal Trainer is that she holds you accountable for your workout times and your weight loss goals. She is a woman and totally understands our parts and will target those womanly areas that seem to constantly need work – ugh! Check her out on facebook: McKeand Fitness
Maria offers group workout sessions for bridal parties (which can be totally fun with your besties) and this ensures that all your girls are in top notch shape for your day (and your photos). She is also doing a Bridal Boot Camp which is totally cool!!! You can workout with other Brides while sharing ideas, trade stories and get some great tips from fellow ladies going through the exact same thing you are. Why not connect with some new friends while working out?!?

Another way I am shedding (I’ve lost 20 lbs since Thanksgiving – whooo hoo!) is that I am on a program called Herbal Life. My friends at Outstanding Nutrition are helping me BIGTIME to get my health back in check. Whatever you need to lose, they are there for you (without judgement). The owners of Outstanding Nutrition (Sheryl & Terence Losey) used to be obese and decided to turn their life around and get their health back. Now they have never been healthier in their adult lives and are dedicated to help others to do the same! And I am on my way… I have 2 super yummy shakes a day and quality vitamins and it’s pretty amazing – my skin looks awesome and I feel incredible (and I’m losing weight – which is rare for me because I have PCOS – more on that in later blogs)!!! This is what I am finding out: “Your body needs nutrients to function properly. Getting the right amount of these nutrients is necessary for a balanced nutrition, which provides fuel for your daily functions and can help you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle” pretty simple, huh? It just seems that we are all super busy in our lives that we don’t make time to take care of our health the way we should – especially with planning a wedding and all the poor food choices out there! With Outstanding Nutrition, the shakes are super quick and pretty much mindless in “what am I going to have to breakfast & lunch?” – simple answer: a quick & easy & nutritious shake that fills you up! I’d rather grab a yummy shake than fast food drive thru any day! Outstanding Nutrition offers a quick and yummy alternative to “fast food” – their slogan is “Fast Food for Smart People” and it’s soo true! I spend less $$$ at Outstanding Nutrition for a meal than I would spend at Taco Bell! Yup, it’s less expensive and is sooo much better for you. Give them a try, each shake is about 300 calories and is loaded with protein! And the coolest part is that you can have a Wedding Cake Shake AND it’s good for you :o) I took some photos while I was there, check them out:

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