Meaghan | Class of 2020 | Bedford High School

Meaghan Senior Photos at Schedel Gardens – A Perfect Setting for a Perfect Lady!


Meaghan is a lovely, fun 18-year-old from Bedford High School who loves music and art. She recently had her senior photos taken at Schedel Gardens in Elmore Ohio – an amazing Japanese Garden & Arboretum located in Northern Ohio. The stunning natural backdrop of the gardens made for some truly beautiful photos that showcase the lighthearted nature of this special young lady. Let’s take a look!

Meaghan was involved in both the Band program and Art at Bedford High School, making her passionate about all different types of creative pursuits. During her senior photo session, she brought along her beloved guitar, playing it as we explored the garden paths and capturing some candid shots of her simply enjoying being outdoors.

The Japanese Garden & Arboretum is one of the most beautiful places you can find in Northern Ohio and it was an ideal setting to capture some truly breathtaking photos of Meaghan. We were able to get some gorgeous closeups against the lush greenery while also showcasing how much fun she has when she walks around the garden. There were plenty of opportunities to incorporate Meaghan’s love for drawing into the session too, as we posed her in front of various trees, bonsai garden and waterfalls throughout the gardens.

Meaghan is such a relaxed and laid back young lady who was open to any ideas we had for poses or settings; she even got involved in helping set up our shots! All these elements combined to create a perfect photo session that showcased not only how stunningly beautiful she is but also captured her true spirit perfectly.

Meghan’s senior photo shoot was an absolute delight from start to finish! From incorporating her passions into the shoot to enjoying exploring this incredible Japanese Garden & Arboretum, it was a magical experience that will be remembered fondly by all involved. This breathtaking setting provided us with plenty of opportunities to get creative with our shots and really make something unique that showcased Meghan’s personality perfectly – which is exactly what happened! We are so pleased with how everything turned out and we wish Meghan all the best on her journey ahead! Congratulations, Meghan – you are going places!


Class of 2020 at Bedford High

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Senior Pictures at Schedel Gardens

Schedel Gardens Senior Photos

Schedel Gardens Senior Photos