Kaylin | Bedford High School

Kaylin Bedford High School

Kaylin Bedford High School  Class of 2020. Kaylin had her senior pictures taken in Promenade Park & in front of Home Slice Pizza.

She is fun, relaxed, strong, classic, laid back, moody & simple and LOVES PIZZA. Her favorite music artists are: Billie Elish, Thomas Rhett and Justin Bieber.

Kaylin is on the rowing team and the swimming team and she won the Gold medal at the 2019 Ergatta. She loves to shop at American Eagle, H&M,  Apple, Coach & Birkenstock. She loves her tv shows: Scandal & Criminal Minds. The best movie she ever saw was “Unstoppable” because it is an inspiring story about beating the odds. The best compliment she ever got was that she is the hardest worker. The 3 things that give her the most energy are: music, food & exercise. The most beautiful place she ever visited is Torch Lake. The moment she laughed the hardest is when someone pooped their pants at work!  Her favorite purchase under $100 is a planner. She learned recently that things have to fall apart before they can fall into place and to not take on more than she can handle. She is going to college in the fall and plans on studying Neuroscience to research cancer. She definitely  has her act together and was a TOTAL JOY photographing her Senior Pictures!


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Bedford High School | Michigan Senior Pictures

Bedford High School | Michigan Senior Photographer

Kaylin Bedford High School



Kaylin Bedford High School

Kaylin Bedford High School at Home Slice Pizza

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