In Focus…

You know the scenario. You walk into the room and your kid is doing something hilarious, or just being absolutely adorable. Or you just see something that you have to capture, so you grab your phone and then it turns out like this…

And then it turns out like this

What can you do that could change this? Here are a few simple tips that can make a world of difference. Instead of trying to take a picture in a darkly lit room, try turning some lights on. Or have your back to that window and your subjects facing the window. Or even consider turning on the flashlight feature on your phone. The right lighting can make all the difference in the world! The other thing that you can do if you are taking photos outside is to bring your subject into the shade. I know, it sounds like the opposite of what I just told you, but it really does make a difference. Harsh shadows and squinty eyes are never fun in a photo. The best thing is to find a fun background in the shade that will compliment your subject.  

I hope you learned something new 🙂

And as always with photography: practice, practice, practice!


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