How to Feel Less Awkward During Your Senior Photo Session

If you haven’t been in front of a professional camera before, you might be feeling a little nervous  and awkward in the lead-up to your senior photo session. Know that this is completely normal and  that there are steps you can take to feel more relaxed.

When you feel more relaxed during your session, you enjoy it more and your photos look more  natural too.  

Here are some tips that will help: 

Choose the right photographer. The photographer you use for your senior session makes a  big difference to your entire experience. Along with looking at a photographer’s style, make  sure you feel comfortable in their presence too. When your photographer is easy to talk to  and makes you feel at ease, you will show up to your session feeling more relaxed too.

Use your eyes. If you feel that your smile is going to make you look awkward in photos, start  by using your eyes to express emotion. It’s also recommended that you practice your smile  and expressions in the mirror prior to your session. When smiling, focus on contracting the  muscles in your face to make your smile look more natural.

Get excited. On the day of your senior session, find ways to get excited. Make a fun  breakfast, turn on your favorite music, and dance around. This is a milestone photo session  and one that you should enjoy – it will never come around again. If you are feeling really  nervous, get your friends to come along with you.

Just breathe. This is a simple but effective tip. When we get nervous, we can often forget to  breathe. Before you head out for your session, take some deep belly breaths. As you release  each breath, smile, and notice how it changes your face – it will instantly relax you.

Move. If you start feeling nervous as your session begins, move around. You don’t need to  stick to one pose with a staged smile. Movement results in relaxation. Keep in mind that  your photographer is also there to guide you, so let them know you’re feeling nervous.

Look and feel good. When you look good, you feel good, which translates into confidence. If  possible, get a professional to assist you with your hair and makeup. It’s also important to  wear something you feel comfortable in. Your senior photo session is not the right time to  try a new outfit for the first time.

By sticking to these simple tips, you can look forward to senior photos that look natural and that  you’ll want to share and display.