I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season!

I for one, am glad the holidays are over and I can get back into a normal groove instead of going everywhere all the time. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the holidays: the energy, the decorations, the activities, the lights, the spirit of Christmas, the coming togetherness – ALL OF IT! But I find it exhausting, especially being a single mom trying to do it all.  I  like to settle down into a winter slumber, be cozy and focus inward. Over the holidays I found a new favorite thing to do with my camera, my 24-70mm lens and a tripod = long exposures at night with Christmas lights. Omgoodness, these are too cool and I had to share them! It all started by my boyfriend and I going to Detroit for the evening over the holidays. We went to Campus Martius Park downtown Detroit and fell in love with all it’s glory! The lights, the energy, the food, the shopping! We found a rooftop overlooking the park and took some stellar shots – I’m beginning to think he loves photography as much as I do! I just had to share long exposures of holiday lights at Campus Martius Park!   Another favorite thing… long exposures at night with Christmas lights WITH lens distortions!  You have to check these out!! These are too fun to photograph and too fun to see the results! These are from local light displays. We drove around, found them and I jumped out of the car with my camera and tripod and fired away. It’s interesting to see how unique they are from photo to photo. I hope you love them as much as I do. Enjoy!

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