We took a weekend trip to Columbus Ohio. We decided to do some Daytrippin at Otherworld in Columbus Ohio. This place is soooooo incredibly artistic & cool and I’m SO glad we got to get out for a bit and enjoy this super cool place! I’m a total chaser of light and this place did not disappoint!

This was taken from their website: “Otherworld is a 32,000 square foot immersive art installation in Columbus. Mysteries unfold as you explore over 40 rooms filled with large-scale interactive art, mixed reality playgrounds and secret passageways. It’s an all new kind of art experience where visitors are encouraged to freely explore and interact with a surreal world of science fiction and fantasy.

We’re a team of over 40 creatives with backgrounds in programming, metalworking, animation, sculpting, digital fabrication, creative writing and other mediums. We’ve worked on projects including SXSW, Burning Man, museum exhibits, haunted attractions, theme parks and escape rooms.

Traditional museums, galleries and theme park attractions of late have left us feeling flat. We yearn for more experiences that immerse the viewer in the environment. Through highly interactive tech, large-scale props, sets, and an engaging narrative, we’re taking immersion to the next level and hope to inspire the next generation of creators.”

If you have the chance to go to this amazing place, please do and enjoy Daytrippin at Otherworld in Columbus Ohio – you will not be disappointed!


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