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I want to share the article that I wrote for the Bedford Now June 25, 2011 edition. I hope you find it insightful!

When it comes to photography many people think they can shoot an event themselves or have a friend or family member do it for them. After all, technology has made it easier for amateurs to take good enough pictures. But do you want good enough pictures or great pictures? It isn’t the camera that creates a great photo. It is the photographer’s training, creativity, and experience. Anyone can buy a decent camera and take pictures, but a professional photographer will always produce a superior result.

Weddings are a perfect example. Wedding photos become family heirlooms, and need to be thought of as such when planning a wedding. A professional photographer will pose large group shots, be sure the camera is set to capture the best image possible, capture the personality of the bride and groom and make sure that every detail is captured so the couple will have a lifetime of memories. However, a photographer’s work is not over after the reception. A professional photographer will edit, correct, enhance and organize your wedding photos. This is no easy task for any amateur!

If you plan to ask a friend to take your wedding photos – think again! Re-plan your menu & bar options and make the budget for a professional photographer. How much are you going to value those photos? All the money in the world can go to creating your amazing day, but without a professional photographer to capture it, the memories will soon fade.

Lighting is also extremely important! In essence photography is capturing light. When scheduling a photo session, time of day is crucial. Mornings and early evenings are the best times of day for a session. Shade is also a great option for the afternoons and cloudy days are a great perk (filtered light).

It is also important to get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist for a photo session. They know how to make you look natural and pretty, without making you look overdone. The camera can make anyone look a little pale. Just look at the news– the anchors are more natural looking than the people they interview on the street. There are many make-up artists in the area that are inexpensive to hire. One in particular is my friend Tiffany Turner. She is definitely someone to be considered to do your make up when booking a photo session and should absolutley be used on your wedding day.

If you pay $20.00 at a chain commercial studio, your photos are probably going to look much like the other photos hanging on the wall. A professional photographer’s goal is to capture your personality. It will cost more, but do you want a picture of you, or a picture just like Suzie on the wall?

A professional photographer allows you to step outside the cookie cutter images and explore life, love, nature, and really capture you and your loved ones. They bring life to a photograph that will be cherished forever. The professional photographer aspires to become better every day. They want your photos to be perfect! The moments we are photographing for families and couples become a part of their history.

Professional photographers provide value with creativity, consistency, experience, and high standards. They deliver high quality images and provide an excellent all round service.They are prepared to stake their reputation on the quality of their work. They don’t let the client down. They produce work on a deadline and to their client’s specifications. A professional photographer finds the right light to create the image and they pay special attention to detail. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and a piece of your history can be captured from a professional photographer.

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