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Did you know that gratitude changes the chemicals in your brain, and is considered a “natural antidepressant?”

Do you believe our photos inspire gratitude? I ABSOLUTELY do. In fact, when I look at family photos from 3 years ago, I get this cheese-melty-in-my-heart feeling. I feel like I’m in a state of BLISS. Do you know what that is? It’s dopamine.

And as I sit here with literally 23 browsers open with studies about gratitude, brain science, nostalgia, the psychology of photographs…. I’m thinking… I don’t just inspire emotion in my clients. I change their BRAINS….For the BETTER!

I literally, and scientifically, can make them HAPPIER (at least that’s what the scientific articles claim). What is that worth? There IS no price tag…am I right? So now, do you believe our photos inspire gratitude?

OK. I’m drowning in a sea of research getting my geek on…..

In the meantime, check out these beautiful family photos at Schedel Gardens

Family photos in Schedel Gardens

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