I had the absolute pleasure to meet Scott McBride of Myrtle Flowers & Gifts located at 5014 Dorr St. in Toledo, OH the other day. It was SUCH a treat to be there and see how the operation runs, getting to know Scott and being around all of those beautiful flowers! I SO needed to be around all those blooms – I think I was starting to get Cabin Fever from this LONG, cold winter! It was definitely good medicine 🙂
Myrtle Flowers does all the arrangements for your wedding day & everything is custom to you and what you want! There are no minimum orders (a bouquet and boutonniere) and they will go as BIG and extravagant as you want as well! Scott says that they even have vases, candles & holders with all the bells & whistles for your table centerpieces, so it’s like 1 stop flower shopping & decorating for your wedding day :o)
They also have super cute gifts and flowers for that quick “I need a unique gift” idea. I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of the store with all the goodies they had to offer (especially for Mothers Day coming up!). Check out their website too www.myrtleflowershop.com

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